Electric Vehicle Power Module


Sockets for Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) PCBs.


IMS boards are made with a copper circuit layer on thermally conductive epoxy prepreg, with an aluminum or copper base plate. Layers are kept electrically isolated (no plated through holes), so standard throughboard sockets are unsuitable. This type of circuit board is common where heat dissipation is needed. Examples include EV management modules and LED light clusters for automotive or street lighting.

The Challenge:

The customer needed a stand-off socket sitting above the PCB, with surface mount connection to the board. Multiple sockets assemble to pins on a mating panel.

The design must be easy to assemble the two boards together, in consideration of Design For Manufacture (DFM).

Harwin Solution:

The bottom entry Sycamore Contact is assembled in an inverted orientation This becomes an SMT PCB Socket with the solder connections kept away from the lower layers of the assembly. No plated through hole is required, just a clearance hole under the socket to allow for the length of the terminal pin.

The final assembly is easy to mate with the opposing PCB and terminal pins, making it fast and simple for completing the sub-assembly during production. When modules are tested and possibly damaged, new modules can be quickly exchanged without any soldering or pressfit issues.

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