EMC/RFI Board Level Shielding Clips and Cans: Simple designs for fast and easy assembly

The Shield Can and Clip range from Harwin is based on the concept of fast assembly and component protection. Designed for use within an existing SMT circuit board layout, these products are a simple and cost-effective method of shielding vulnerable or EMI-radiating board components.

By using a push-action, the removable shield can is held in place with SMT mounted spring clips, so no additional secondary soldering operation is required. All soldering takes place on the clip, at the same time as the rest of the PCB components. This eliminates the risk of heat damage and hot spots (caused by hand soldering) affecting the more expensive components located under the can.

The devices under the can are also now accessible at any time, by simply pulling out the can from the clips. Rework and module replacement can be completed, and the can is simply pushed back into place again.

Shield Cans are available in three different material thicknesses (0.3, 0.2 and 0.15mm) to assist matching to different EMI / RFI characteristics. Clips are supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes for added design flexibility.

Features and Benefits

No soldering required for can assemblyEliminate secondary soldering operations and the damage risk from hot-spots
SMT clips supplied on Tape and ReelEnables fast, fully automated PCB assembly, at the same time as other components
Fast and simple push-fit with SMT clipsQuick secondary operation for reduced assembly costs
Easy to remove in a single actionSimple to rework or upgrade covered devices
Re-usable can once removedNo de-soldering clean-up activity required
Choice of material thicknessesDifferent EMI / RFI shielding characteristics
Ready-made can sizes and clips available from stockFast delivery, easily purchased from a global authorized distribution network

Key Applications

EnergyRenewable Sources, Home Energy meters, E-vehicles
TelecommunicationsBase Stations, WiFi, Wireless Modules, IOT, Handheld devices
IndustrialDrives and Controls, Robotics, IIOT, Wireless Modules
MotorsportWireless communications and Telemetry, Navigation and Tracking, Control Systems
SpaceSatellites, CubeSats, Launch Systems
Aviation, Defense, SecurityUAVs, Avionics, Aircraft infotainment, Radar, Mobile Communications, Vehicle Control systems, Wireless Telemetry

Product Features:

How to Order:

Product Features:

How to Order:

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