Energy, Oil & Gas – Why Harwin?

Whether your energy industry is in the traditional Oil and Gas sector, or the newer sustainable energy market, Harwin has connector products and PCB hardware suitable for all energy creation and distribution equipment.

Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, which means continuous improvement in all our quality and systems management, and continuous monitoring of the high quality level maintained across the company and products. This perfectly aligns with the needs of one of the most in-demand industries on our planet.

Rugged products from Harwin can provide connector solutions when the environment is a factor: vibration & shock severity, high temperature and humidity.

Typical Energy Applications

  • Monitoring stations, battery management
  • Down-hole and in-well, seismic evaluations and drilling
  • Drives and controls, motion control, sensors
  • Wireless modules, smart meters, remote telemetry
  • Power supply communications and datacomms

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