Flecto Floating Connectors

Flecto Floating Connectors

  • Movement in the X, Y, Z axes before and during mating to allow for multiple connections between two PCBs.
  • Up to 12GHz / 12Gbps data rate.
  • Movement during solder process is restricted with location pegs and posts featured on the connectors. Retention tabs on either ends of the connectors also provide additional solder strength.
  • Supports automated assembly with its Tape and Reel Packaging.
  • Electric Vehicles
    • Infotainment Systems
    • Inverter Units
    • Battery Management Systems
    • LIDAR
  • Smart Factory
    • Factory Automation
    • Drives and Controls
    • Robotics
    • Sensor Units
    • Vision Systems
  • Embedded Systems
    • Datacoms
    • Home automation
    • Medical Devices
    • Transit Systems

Consists of five series with three pitch options and floating mechanism is included in the male connector.

  • F10 series: 0.50mm (.0197″) pitch, all signal
  • F11 series: 0.5mm (.0197″) pitch, signal + power
  • F12 series: 0.5mm (.0197) pitch, all signal
  • F20 series = 0.635mm (.25″) pitch, all signal

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