Industrial Automation in Singapore

Industrial Automation in Singapore

In order to stay relevant in the changing landscapes of technology in an evolving world, industrial automation has become increasingly necessary in Singapore. It is important to optimize production processes in large output factories that cater to the growing demand from an expanding local and global population. To achieve this, industry practitioners must adopt the right level of IT and automation in their systems.

The Need for Industrial Automation

We do not exist as single entities in a world, but rather as a connected web of interdependent gears that are plagued with the same uncertainties caused by social, economic and political forces that exist globally. This can adversely impact the rate of industrial output when manufacturers are unable to invest more in manpower and additional resources to keep up their productivity. As such, it is imperative that industries take a leap into industrial automation projects so that they can work in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner while remaining competitive in Singapore and against their counterparts around the world.

Industrial Electronic Supplies

Our range of electronic supplies can cater to your industrial automation requirements in Singapore. You may browse our catalog below.

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Archer Kontrol

Circular Connectors

PCB Sockets

High-Reliability Connectors

Cable Assemblies

Spring Loaded Contacts

PCB Connectors

2mm Pitch Connectors

2.54mm Pitch Connectors

Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators
– Accessories


Specialized Sensors


Through Hole Resistors

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Common Mode Chokes / Filters

Chip Resistor – Surface Mount 

Ferrite Beads

Fixed Inductors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – Leaded

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – SMD/SMT

Resistor Networks & Arrays

Safety Capacitors

Signal Conditioning

Thick Film Resistors – SMD

Thin Film Resistors – SMD

Surface Mount Fuses