Motorsport & Railway

Motorsport & Railway Connectors in Singapore

About the Motorsport

The motorsport business is the scope of designing, engineering and administration organizations that help the brandishing order of motorsports. The function of designing, engineering in conveying on target achievement has prompted the arrangement of an extensive worldwide industry which supplies motorsport competitors with the equipment necessary to participate in the sport.

About the Railway

Worldwide railroads industry is consistently pushing ahead with improved performance, increased revenue and decrease of negative outcomes every year as the domestic travel is increasing. Transportation of numerous delicate, light-weight, significant products assuming a crucial job. Demand for safer and secured railroads has increased.  Railways industry comprises of companies that manufacture trains, railway tracks, train engines, and overall railway system. Every individual sector works in various working structure from the other.

Industrial Electronic Supplies

Our range of electronic supplies can cater to your motorsport & railway requirements in Singapore. You may browse our catalog below.

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Motorsport & Railway

Archer Kontrol

Circular Connectors

PCB Connectors

High-Reliability Connectors

EMC Shielding

Spring Loaded Contacts

PCB Sockets

2mm Pitch Connectors

2.54mm Pitch Connectors

Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators
– Accessories


Specialized Sensors


Through Hole Resistors

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Common Mode Chokes / Filters

Chip Resistor – Surface Mount 

Ferrite Beads

Fixed Inductors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – Leaded

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC – SMD/SMT

Resistor Networks & Arrays

Safety Capacitors

Signal Conditioning

Thick Film Resistors – SMD

Thin Film Resistors – SMD

Surface Mount Fuses