IoT Components in Singapore

About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, underpins much of our daily lives in Singapore, and it is imperative that this industry continues to function well and develop to meet the needs of the growing population. The IoT is simply an extension of internet connectivity into everyday physical objects. Consumer applications make up a huge portion of the IoT and they include wearable technology as well as home automation and smart devices. These devices are also critical in the healthcare and transportation fields, with the advent of remote controlling and other machine-learning optimisation strategies.

Types of IoT Components Available in Singapore

The IoT components we provide to businesses specialising in this field in Singapore are plenty. They include the printed circuit boards, acoustic components, antennas, passive components as well as frequency control and timing devices. We work with different manufacturers to provide us with these components, who are leading electronic components providers in the world. Our partnership with them is essential in bringing the field of the Internet of Things to greater heights among the population in Singapore.

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Internet of Things / Metering

iConnexion Asia Pte. Ltd. is a distributor of passive and electro-mechanical electronic components as well as a supplier of value added cable assembly services, Flexible and Rigid PCBs Solutions.

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