KONA: Harwin 8.5mm pitch High Reliability connectors – 60A per contact

The ultimate Hi-Rel connector for power handling capability and voltage flashover resistance. Fully rugged construction to withstand shock and vibration, but compact and lightweight compared to equivalent connections. Thumbscrew fixings for easy strain relief on cable-to-board connections.


Aviation: Power control systems, in-flight infotainment & in-cabin services, navigation and flight systems.
Motorsport & EV: Battery control and monitoring systems, ERS control& supply, auxiliary system power, cabin systems.
Space: Satellites & CubeSats, communications, launch systems, power supplies.
Defense & Security: UAVs, rugged vehicle electronics, remote robotics drives, servo controls.
High-end Industrial: Power units and power control systems, robotics drives and servo controls, mining or oil & gas power systems.


  • Ensure continuous current integrity under extremes of bump, vibration and shock with tough housings and stainless steel screw-locks
  • Prevent contact damage and mis-mating – individually shrouded contacts sit in a rugged housing design with double polarization features
  • Benefit from Harwin’s cable assembly expertise, 100% inspected and tested harnesses, or choose do-it-yourself components
  • Fast contact identification in production with No. 1 contact position marked on housings
  • Mate-before-lock screw fixings for quick and simple connector mating-choose thumbscrews or front panel mounting

Key Specifications:

  • 65°C to +150°C operating temp
  • 250 mating cycles durability
  • Outgassing to NASA and ESA requirements

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