About Flex Plus

Flex Plus ( Xiamen ) Co., Ltd was established in the year 2004 and has grown into a leading manufacturer of flexible PCB boards. Our products range from single sided, double sided, multilayers, dual access, rigid-flex, to split flex and sculpture flex.

Over 13 years, we have become a reliable long-term supplier for major brands from Germany, Japan, the US and mainland China.  More than 1.5 billion FPC boards have been successfully delivered with excessive customer satisfaction. They are widely applied in aerospace, industrial, vehicles, medical, telecommunications, consumer electronics and other fields.

Product List

Ultrathin PCBs

Split Flexible PCBs

Single-sided Flexible PCBs

Polyimide PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBs

Multilayer Flexible PCBs

Flexilble PCBs

Double-sided Flexible PCBs

Double Access Flexible PCBs