Archer .8 0.8mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors

With Archer .8, you can achieve a compact, capable, industrial-grade connection with a high pin count. Designed for mezzanine daughterboard to motherboard layouts.

Capable of 0.5A per contact at just 0.8mm pitch, with a total number of contacts up to 120. Fully shrouded designs with polarized end features ensure confidence in mating and connection protection.

Supplied ready for high volume automation with pick and place caps in Tape & Reel packaging. Stocked and ready for your production needs. Quality assured by Harwin.


Features & Benefits

Compact 0.8mm pitch
Minimal board real estate used
Up to 120 contacts
High level of connections in one device
High Speed Connectivity
Suitable for signal & data transfer at 12GHz, 24Gb/s
Polarized and shrouded
Eliminate mis-mating and accidental damage to contacts
Different size location pegs
Ensure correct orientation on the PCB and no movement during soldering
Surface mount terminations, tape and reel packaging
Ideal for high volume automated assembly
5mm mating height
Low-profile board-to-board connections, great for mezzanine to motherboard applications

Key Applications

Embedded computing, Control and Monitoring systems, Sensor modules, IOT connection equipment
Test and Measurement
Smart meters, Mobile monitoring devices, Laboratory measurement systems
Battery management units, intelligent control systems, Camera and Lidar units
Point-of-sale equipment, warehouse inventory systems, POS terminals
Consumer Electronics
Home appliances, Building automation
Fire and Security
Monitoring and detection equipment

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