Archer Kontrol
Durable High Performance Connectors

Harwin’s Archer Kontrol range of compact 1.27mm pitch connectors offers a robust and flexible connection choice for your application.

Get the stacking height you need on your board-to-board application by selecting different combinations of male and female vertical connectors. Add horizontal connectors to achieve right angle or co-planar arrangements. IDC female double-ended cable assemblies give you
cable-to-board flexibility.

These connectors can assist with blind mating and offer up to 1.2A per contact. Pin counts range from 12 to 80, and mated connectors can carry a data rate up to 3Gbits/s.


Features & Benefits

Vertical and Horizontal PCB connector ranges available in both male and female
Complete flexibility of edge-to-edge, parallel board-to-board, or motherdaughterboard right-angle configurations
Surface mount, including hold-down solder tabs and location pegs
Space saving, enables easy automation and robustness in retention to the PCB
Tape and reel packaged
For full assembly automation
Ready-made cable assemblies in 150mm and 300mm lengths
Stocked in depth with no lead-time for immediate availability
Cable connectors available loose to create your own cable assembly
Your choice of production options
Fully shrouded connector system, latching features on cable connectors
Can take lateral and twisting forces that can be suffered during vibration environments, assists with blind mating
Different heights and pin combinations available
Design flexibility for board stacking connectors, with vertical stacking height variations

Key Applications

Industrial equipment
Factory equipment, production line controls, drive units for large scale installations
Handheld equipment
IOT markets, portable monitoring equipment, data collection
Large scale monitoring and control
Mobile maintenance and display control systems, trackside and roadside monitoring
Onboard charging products, battery management systems

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