Flecto, the latest in floating connector technology

Harwin’s Flecto range represents the state-of-the-art of today’s floating connector technologies. Capable of withstanding up to ±0.5mm misalignment in both the X and Y axes, these fine-pitch, high-pin-count board-to-board connectors offer perfect alignment, high-speed data transmission, mixed signal and power options, high contact reliability and multiple mounting options.

Key Features

Up to 160 contacts in a symmetrical double-row layout
Additional power pins with a current rating of 3A in the 0.5mm pitch range
Three choices of miniature pitches: 0.5mm (.0197”), 0.635mm (.025”) and 0.8mm (0.0315”)
Location pegs to inhibit movement during soldering
Board-to-board mating heights down to 7.2mm
Shrouding and polarization options
Horizontal option for 90° daughterboards
Tape and reel package options

What is a Floating Connector?

A floating connector is a board-to-board electromechanical interconnect for data and/or power that absorbs misalignments and small movements in multiple axes. Unlike traditional connectors, floating connectors features a spring-like mechanism to provide elasticity and take the stress off both the solder joints and contact pins


Key Applications

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