Gecko-SL Metal Backshells Wire-to-Board Miniature Connector Accessories 

The existing Gecko-SL range combines the miniature yet powerful 1.25mm pitch connector system with the ease and strength of Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings. The range is enhanced with a metal backshell range to provide EMI / RFI screening and mechanical strength.

The metal backshells for cable are a 2-part design, which can be easily fitted after the cable assembly construction – even as an additional design improvement after manufacture. The design is compatible with both male and female cable connector housings, with the addition of long screw-loks for use with the female connectors. There is also an additional PCB backshell, compatible with board-mount or panel-mount male connectors.

These fully machined metal backshells are made from aluminium alloy with electroless nickel plating. They suit most applications and offer significant cost savings over comparable Micro-D options.

Choose between Datamate J-Tek for 2mm pitch connectors and 1mm pitch FPC, or Gecko for 1.25mm pitch connectors and 0.5mm pitch FPC. Standard 10-contact assemblies in single- and double-ended designs are available from stock – contact Harwin to specify other options. Stainless steel jackscrews are fitted to the Datamate connectors and latches to the Gecko, ensuring secure connection under duress.


Features & Benefits

Cable-to-board and panel mount options
Wide range of products to support a broad spectrum of customers and applications
Gecko-SL metal backshells are machined from aluminium alloy billets
This construction ensures reliability, strength and performance
Braid retention feature at cable entrance
Suitable for metallic and non-metallic conductive braids
Overall screen termination by stainless steel micro-band (available separately)
Ensures electrical and mechanical longevity and security
Stainless Steel locking screws or latching
Ensure reliability with a strong and secure connection
2-piece cable backshell construction
Can be assembled at any time after the manufacture of the cable assembly, including rework
PCB or panel mount backshell
Fully shielded mated connections available for both cable-to-board and cable-to-cable

Key Applications

Avionic controls, guidance systems, UAVs, engine controls, radar and tracking
Motorsport & Electric Vehicles
Navigation, AI, GPS and tracking equipment, communications and telemetry, ERS controls, E-Vehicle inverters and battery management
Satellites & CubeSats, radar, communications, launch systems
Defense & Security
UAVs, UUV and other ROV, ground communications, handheld portable equipment, rugged vehicle electronics
High-End Industrial
Portable equipment, high vibration and robotics systems

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