The Smallest, Lightest Mixed-Layout Connectors

The smallest and lightest mixed-layout connector available for high-performance applications, Gecko-MT is the ideal choice when SWaP matters most.

Gecko-MT combines the 1.25mm pitch Gecko signal connector system with 10A power contacts for a flexible mixed technology layout. Cable-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-cable options.

The multi-finger Beryllium Copper contacts assure signal integrity under heavy vibration and shock, maintaining electrical connectivity in a variety of harsh environments.

Stainless steel jackscrews are available in both standard or reverse-fix configurations, ensuring secure connection. Lightweight metal hoods are available for additional cable protection and shielding.

Cable assembly options are available from our in-house cabling experts. Just specify the length and the signal cable gauge, and we’ll produce fully inspected and tested assemblies ready for your production line.


Features & Benefits

Mate-before-lock for quick and easy connections
Assured signal integrity under extreme environments – vibration, shock and temperature resistance
Stainless steel screw-locks for a strong, long-life reliable connection

Key Applications

Aviation and UAVs
New Space
Defense & Security

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