Kona 8.5mm Pitch High Reliability Power Connector

Specify high current and high quality for maximum power in extreme conditions. With 8.5mm pitch and individually shrouded connections, you can achieve up to 60A and 3000V per contact. The tough resilient housings protect the connections from physical knocks and damage.

Vibration and shock resilience are built into the design, with 6-finger Beryllium Copper alloy contacts for electrical continuity and good spring force properties. Connectors are available in 2, 3 or 4 pin counts, in a compact single-row configuration. Male PCB connectors are throughboard with additional board fixings for strain relief. Female and male cable housings are supplied with thumbscrews fitted. Cable contacts are ready for 8AWG cables to be soldered before assembly to the housing.


Features & Benefits

60A per contact on 8.5mm pitch
High levels of current and power straight to the PCB
Shock and Vibration resistant
Rugged and practical for extreme environments
Full gold plating, 250 mating cycles
Resists wear from continued use, or durable in mate-and-forget operations
Individually shrouded contacts on both male and female connectors
Protects against physical damage and avoids accidental touching of contacts
Stainless Steel Mate-before-Lock thumbscrews
Assures reliability with a strong and robust connection, easy and fast to secure, no tooling required
6 finger Beryllium Copper contact design
Maintains electrical continuity under heavy vibration
Low outgassing properties
Meets NASA and ESA outgassing requirements for vacuum or space use
Operates at extreme temperatures up to -65°C to +150°C
Can be used in a wide variety of extreme environments

Key Applications

Power control systems, in-flight infotainment and in-cabin services, navigation and flight systems
Motorsport & Electric Vehicles
Battery control and monitoring systems, ERS control and supply, auxiliary system power, cabin systems
Satellites & CubeSats, communications, launch systems, power supplies
Defense & Security
UAVs, rugged vehicle electronics, remote robotics drives, servo controls
High-end Industrial
Power units and power control systems, robotics drives and servo controls, mining or oil & gas power systems

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