Spring Contacts
Surface Mount flexible connection options

Make a simple connection or get your PCB grounded with a Harwin Spring Contact – a single-piece metal connection point with inherent spring properties.

Spring contacts are also known by other names such as Shield Fingers, Antenna Contacts or Grounding Contacts, depending on the end application. Take advantage of the small sizes for antenna feeds in mobile devices, LED lamp connections, grounding metal elements or single signal connections.

Purchase these contacts from stock throughout the Harwin distributor network. Place them on your PCB with automated SMT machinery, straight from the tape & reel packaging; simple assembly and low production costs.


Features & Benefits

Free heights from 1.23mm to 7.30mm
Flexibility to suit different design requirements and space constraints
Positive Stop on smallest antenna contacts
Prevent over-stressing and permanent set of the component
Multi-directional contacts available
Use in either vertical or horizontal contact positions
Box style design on selected range
Prevents twist and snagging of free end, anti-hook
Gold and tin finish options
Plating finish can be matched to the mating surface to help prevent corrosion issues
Spring Contact Development Kit with 16 different contacts
A wide range of sizes and styles to assist with design, development and prototyping
Extended Beam design
Suitable for both wiping and sliding actions
C shape design
Simple and effective contact with metal shield or frames

Key Applications

Antenna connection, Mobile and handheld devices, Internal PCB grounding
Home entertainment, Wireless devices, IOT
Panels, Controls, Enclosure grounding
Motion control units, Environmental monitoring, Process control equipment
POS tracking devices, Display units, RFID systems

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