About MagnTek

MagnTek was founded in Hamburg, Germany, since when we have been dedicated to the development and production of magnetic sensor ICs and solutions, solving all possible problems for customers by innovative high-performance products.

More than 2000 engineering staff serves for MagnTek global wise. So far, design, application support and technical service centres have been set up in Europe, North America and Asia, providing customers with high standard service and high-reliability products. In Asia, they set up a fully equipped application analysis and technical service centre with a total area of over 5000 square meters, providing highly localized rapid response service to the high-growth region market. Their product line has covered patented Bi-polar, CMOS, Bi-CMOS and MR wafer processing technology, which can realize the combination of high-density digital circuits and power supply and/or magnetic sensing structures.

MagnTek provides full series of Hall-effect based integrated magnetic sensor ICs, including unipolar, bipolar, omnipolar magnetic digital position sensor IC products, magnetic linear and angular position sensor ICs and magnetic speed sensor ICs.