Motor Encoders

Location and Temperature reporting from Servo Motors.

Encoders are an important part of modern servo motors, ensuring that the control system obtains high resolution feedback from the motor operation. This includes positioning and health status.

The Challenge:
With the reducing size of space envelopes for motors, the encoder must also be minimized. The internal connectors must be robust to withstand a variety of demanding environments. For improvements in automated manufacture, the terminations need to be shorter for use with Pin-In-Hole reflow (PIHR) solder processes and delivered in tape-and-reel packaging.

Harwin Solution:
The Datamate L-Tek range now includes 2- and 3-contact male PCB connectors with 2mm terminations, suitable for PIHR processing. These connectors are packaged in tape-and-reel. By using the Datamate L-Tek design as a base, these connectors are already compact, robust, and proven in challenging applications.

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