OBO Pro.2: Why LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber)?

  • Normally thickness of diaphragm is a constant. But in LSR technology, thickness and pattern of each section can be defined by designer.
  • The flexible LSR injection unit is different from the various process designs. It can quickly sample and provide customer samples.
  • Overcoming the problem of adhesion between dissimilar materials through different structural design (biting) and process technology (surface treatment / self-adhesive)
  • LSR can produce optical lens with high temperature resistance properties (can resist heat < 180 degree C)

Advantages of LSR

  • Excellent Heat Resistance: can withstand more than 10,000 hours of continued service at 200°C (392F).
  • Cold Resistance: can be used at –50 °C cold temperature.
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Great flexibility
  • Weather ability
  • Exceed similar materials in insulating ability
  • Non-conductive
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Steam Resistance
  • Chemical, Oil and Solvent Resistance
  • Against Bending Fatigue
  • Vibration Absorption
  • Transparency and Coloration
  • Non-Stickiness and Corrosion Resistance

Core Capability

By well controlling the injection molding process with precision tools and all the high-end equipments, we can realize the designated contour to show the best image performance.

  • LSR technology for integrated molding
  • Molding Tool Processing: Precision Finishing< 0.002mm
  • Automatic: Design for automated production, yield > 96%
  • Quality Control & Record: Fully electronic monitoring and control system

Product Applications

LSR parts are not only for water proof and shockproof function, they can also be utilized as key structure for acoustic performance.

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