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Cable Assemblies in Singapore

About Cable Assemblies

Several electronic connector systems require the use of cables. These can manifest in either cable-to-board or cable-to-cable configurations. Types of cable assemblies can range from simple connections of fiber-optic and copper cables to complex harnesses that demand the need for technical expertise. Such cable assemblies can be tedious and if you need assistance for your systems in Singapore, it is advised to seek an external specialist to perform this task.



We work with Harwin to provide companies with a premium service to complete their cable assemblies in Singapore. With their own engineering facility in the country, Harwin is able to effectively provide the necessary cabling solutions to a variety of clients, including those in the consumer electronics and industrial fields.


Harwin’s specialist equipment and technical experts are capable of completing your cable assemblies efficiently in Singapore. Their cabling product and services include:


  • Cable and wire harness assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Potting and back-potting
  • Cable hood fitting
  • Heat-shrink tubing

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iConnexion Asia Pte. Ltd. is a distributor of passive and electro-mechanical electronic components as well as a supplier of value added cable assembly services, Flexible and Rigid PCBs Solutions.

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