Condenser Microphone

SMD Microphones in Singapore



Condenser microphones that are surface-mounted are referred to as SMD microphones. These types of microphones are soldered onto the printed circuit boards of the electronic devices. We partner OBO Pro.2 to bring in these SMD microphones to meet our client needs in Singapore. OBO Pro.2 is a leading manufacturer of acoustic components, and are also providers of speakers and transducers.


Types of SMD Microphones in Singapore

SMD microphones can also carry digital noise-canceling capabilities and are commonly used in the consumer electronics, industrial and medical industries of Singapore. It also serves a function in the Internet of Things, especially in microphone enabled devices. These include Smart TVs, home assistant devices and baby monitors. These microphones come in both uni- and omnidirectional formats.

OBO Pro.2 offers microphones that are industry-standard and offer high-quality sound pickup. You can browse below to view the SMD microphones and other condenser microphones we provide to clients in Singapore.

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