EMC Shielding

EMC Shielding Components in Singapore


We source for the best electromagnetic (EMC) shield clips for our clients in Singapore by partnering with global electronic components manufacturer Harwin. EMC shielding is a component that helps to contain, reflect or absorb certain types of electromagnetic fields or waves. EMC shielding is indeed a necessary aspect of the many electronic devices used in Singapore.


Types of EMC Shielding Available in Singapore

Harwin’s collection of EMC shielding components comprise four different product types and are made from a myriad of materials, including nickel silver, beryllium copper and titanium copper, among others. They are the EMC Shield Cans, EMC Shield Can Clips, Shield Can Kit and a range of single spring contacts that are suitable for shielding and grounding mobile phone antenna and other applications that require general electricity. We recognize that there is a need for these shield cans and clips in a variety of industries in Singapore, such as the aerospace, healthcare, defense and automotive industries.

Browse Harwin’s range of EMC shield cans, clips and spring contacts available in Singapore right below.

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