GNSS/GPS Antennas

PCTEL’s GNSS/GPS antenna solutions serve the time synchronization, commercial tracking, and precision navigation markets. Our high rejection antennas combat the effects of interference to GNSS bands. Covering all GNSS frequency bands, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, Iridium, Globalstar, and WAAS. We offer antennas that incorporate integrated receiver chipsets as well as surge protection. We also customize embedded antennas for our customers and incorporate our high-performance designs into our multi-band product lines, including our Coach™, Max-Matics™, and Trooper™ mobile antennas. Designing for military, agriculture, and aviation has helped us deliver the most rugged and reliable solutions for our customers.

iConnexion Asia Pte. Ltd. is a distributor of passive and electro-mechanical electronic components as well as a supplier of value added cable assembly services, Flexible and Rigid PCBs Solutions.

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