High-quality Inductors in Singapore


About Inductors

Inductors are passive electrical components that consist of insulated wires wound into a coil. These coils temporarily store magnetic energy, and is often referred to as an electromagnet. Inductors are important for a variety of devices as it helps to inhibit a sudden change in the flow of current that may adversely affect the functioning of the device. There are different types of inductors which we import into Singapore from our manufacturer Walsin.


Types of Inductors

Our inductors come in different materials and thus range in their inductance values, making them suitable for industries specialising in consumer electronics, land transportation, the internet as well as industrial functions. These inductors include air, ferrite, multi-layer and ceramic inductors, among many others. You can browse Walsin’s catalogue of inductors distributed in Singapore by clicking on the link below.



Walsin is the leading manufacturer of multi-layered integrated ceramic chips and caters to a wide range of customers on a global level. Our collaboration with Walsin is imperative in bringing the world’s best inductors to industries in Singapore so that businesses can remain productive and function with high standards. Find out more about Walsin here.


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