PCB Connectors

Industry Compatible Connectors

Harwin’s Industry Standard PCB Connectors conform to current conventions for Pin Header and Socket systems. This range brings all the confidence associated with Harwin products:

  • Confidence in Supply – These ranges are stocked throughout the Harwin supply network, and are a core product from Harwin.
  • Confidence in Quality – Harwin is world-renowned for their standard of product, compared to other industry leaders.
  • Confidence in Service – Harwin offers full technical support, with a fast turnaround of samples.

Range Features:

  • Selection of industry-standard connector pitches – from 1mm up to 2.54mm
  • Twin-beam connections for female sockets
  • Tape and Reel packaging available for all Surface Mount connectors, for automated assembly systems
  • Cable options at all pitch sizes except 1mm
  • Jumper sockets for programming capabilities at 2.54mm, 2mm and 1.27mm pitch
  • Customizable Pin Header Variants available in 2.54mm, 2mm and 1.27mm pitch
  • NEW High-performance 1.27mm pitch Archer Kontrol – designed for demanding industrial applications
  • Stocked in depth and competitively priced throughout the Harwin Authorized Distributor network

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