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About Connectors

Connectors are electromechanical components that connect different electrical points together and creates a circuit path. Sourcing the best connectors from all around the world, we can meet the needs of a wide range of industries in Singapore.

Connectors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and complexities that are required for the type of function they need to deliver. Certain features are incorporated to protect

Types of Connectors

Our collection of connectors we distribute in Singapore includes high-reliability, pitch and hyperboloid connectors, cable assemblies and EMC shielding, among many others. We also provide printed circuit boards and wire harnesses. These connectors have been sourced from our premium manufacturers worldwide and are well-suited to be used in different industries in Singapore, such as the military, telecommunications, and transportation. Click here to learn more about our manufacturers

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PCB Connectors

1.27mm pitch, PC Tail, SMT & IDC, Male & Female connectors, 1 and 2 rows

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iConnexion Asia Pte. Ltd. is a distributor of passive and electro-mechanical electronic components as well as a supplier of value added cable assembly services, Flexible and Rigid PCBs Solutions.

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