Passive Components in Singapore

About Passive Components

Passive components are modules that do not generate energy but are able to store or transmit it. This makes passive components not capable of any type of power gain nor a source of energy. Examples of passive components include chassis, inductors, resistors, transformers, and capacitors. The three basic electrical elements that characterize passive components are resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These are critical components of the electrical system. We work with Korchip and Walsin to provide such passive components for different industries in Singapore.

Types of Passive Components

The types of passive components we provide in Singapore are plenty. They include chip and dipole antennas, chip resistors, disc capacitors, ceramic capacitors, supercapacitors, MOV varistors, RF devices, switch modules and inductors. It is vital that you choose the correct passive component for your electrical circuit as the wrong one can severely impact the functionality of the system.

You may view below our catalogue of passive components available in Singapore.



Based on product structure and intended application, Walsin’s inductors are categorized into four types: multi-Layer…

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