Resistors in Singapore


We work with Walsin to bring to Singapore high-standard resistors to meet the different industrial requirements of our clients. Resistors are passive components that create resistance to the flow of electric current in a circuit. Commonly found in all types of electric circuits, resistors are the most basic requirement of the electronic system.

Walsin is a global manufacturer of passive components and its resistors are part of its huge catalog of multi-layered integrated ceramic chips that cater to the wide-ranging industrial needs of our clients in Singapore. Read more about Walsin here.

Types of Resistors Available in Singapore

We import chip resistors from Walsin into our Singapore market. They include a range of thick and thin-film resistors that come with different properties. Picking the right type of chip resistor is essential in the functioning of the electronic device. Please click below to view the range of resistors Walsin provides to our clients in Singapore.


Chip Resistors

Thick Film Resistors, Thin Film Resistors

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