Space – Why Harwin?

Not just in the sky, but on the ground, your multi-million dollar industry requires the best quality in every single component. We provide you with high-reliability interconnects that have a proven track record from launch to the International Space Station.

Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, and have been supplying to major manufacturers in this sector for many years. The growth of the CubeSat industry is driving the latest additions to our high-reliability connector ranges: Datamate, Gecko and M300.

Although quality and “must not fail” products are paramount, there’s still your budget to consider. Harwin products provide easy choices for SWaP-C* optimization. Connectors in the high-reliability ranges perform under the most extreme environmental conditions of use: vibration & shock severity, high temperature and humidity.

  • SWaP-C = Size, Weight and Power, Cost

Typical Space Applications

  • Launch command, platform controls and telemetry, communication systems
  • Flight controls, internal communications and datacomms
  • Remote operations and tele-control, autonomous and interactive robotic assistance
  • Radar systems, weather and collision detection
  • Satellites and CubeSats

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