TAITIEN has launched ultra-low current crystal oscillators : OZ-D and OY-D with current consumption of only 1.4μA, featuring a low power consumption design

With the advantages of low power consumption, small size, and high precision, they can be widely used in wearable devices and the Internet of Things field.

For applications requiring low power consumption, the choice of crystals is critical.  TAITIEN ‘s newly launched ultra-low current crystal oscillators feature current consumption that is less than 1.4μA and can run on an ultra-low voltage of 1.5V. The low current represents a significant decrease in current consumption of more than 90% from the 32.768kHz oscillators used in the past. This offers a significant improvement in the applications power consumption and battery life. These performance improvements are the result of an exclusive patented circuit design that only needs 8ms to start up. The rise and fall times of the output signal is a fast 10ns, satisfying the signal requirements of most end equipment.

The 32.768kHz clock signal provided by TAITIEN’s ultra-low current OZ-D and OY-D oscillators can fully support the Real Time Clock (RTC) function todays MCUs or ICs the require an external reference clock with low power. The OZ-D and OY-D oscillators use AT-cut crystal units with high Q values that were specifically designed for this product as the frequency reference source. The AT-cut crystals enable the oscillators to provide superior frequency stability then the traditional oscillators used in the past. For wide temperature such as -40°C to +85°C, the frequency error will not exceed ±25ppm. The crystals also results in low aging rate of less than ±3ppm, in the first year another way the they enable a long product life cycle.

Another advantage of these oscillators is their small size which is a must for todays’ IoT, wearable and other low-power applications. TAITIEN’s ultra-low current crystal oscillators are available in two sizes, The OY-D which is 2.5 x 2mm and the OZ-D which is only 2 x 1.6mm, providing a high degree of flexibility for system design and facilitating the miniaturization of products with a compact space structure.

TAITIEN’s ultra-low current OZ-D and OY-D oscillators feature low power consumption, small size, and high precision making them a great choice for Smart Phones, Fitness Watches, Sport Video Cams, Ultra-Small Notebook PC, Wireless Keypads, RTC Reference Clock, Battery Management Timekeeping, Pulse-per-second(pps) Timekeeping, Wearables, IoT, GPS, Home Automation and Smart Metering.

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