Taitien Introduce New High Precision (±10 ppm) CMOS Crystal Oscillator OY-B Type and OX-B Type

With the arrival of the 5G era, the demand for high-speed transmission is increasing. In the high-frequency and high-energy-consumption environment, the requirements for the frequency stability and accuracy of crystal oscillators are also increasing. In the past, the commonly used IEEE1588 network communication standard used a 25 MHz quartz oscillator, the display used a 27 MHz oscillator, PCIe commonly used 33.333 MHz, and recently, due to the long-term operation of fan less PC systems in high-temperature environments, products with a frequency stability of ±25 ppm or ±50 ppm have gradually been replaced with higher-precision ±10 ppm quartz oscillators to improve signal stability and network quality.
Taitien Electronics has launched a new generation of ±10 ppm high-precision CMOS crystal oscillators, OY-B Type and OX-B Type, to meet the demand between ordinary oscillators and temperature-compensated oscillators, providing a cost-effective high-precision solution.

• High Precision (±10 ppm @-40 ~ 85°C)
• Low Power Consumption
• Cost Effective
• Smart Meter
• Wireless Communication
• IoT & Portable Devices

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