Taitien Releases Cost-Effective Disciplined Crystal Oscillator GT-11

Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has introduced the highly cost-effective disciplined crystal oscillator GT-11. The newly launched GT-11 provides a built-in GPS receiver module, which uses GPS or 1 pps as a disciplining signal. By disciplining and locking, GT-11 can achieve the accuracy and stability as an atomic clock with phase error controlled within 75 ns (RMS). Furthermore, GT-11 offers the advantages of small size and low power consumption.

GT-11’s excellent accuracy and stability performance allows it to replace rubidium clocks as a standard clock reference source. This series is particularly suitable for various laboratory instruments. The miniature size of 25.4 x 25.4 x 9.4 mm can provide more flexibility for customer’s product design space.

Key Features:
• Built-in GPS receiver module which provides +5.0 V for active antenna
• Low power consumption (less than 0.6 W) for high-performance TCXO
• Exceptional price and performance compared with traditional GPS OCXO reference solutions
• 10 MHz CMOS output and 1 pps CMOS output
• Disciplined by external 1 pps input
• Disciplined phase accuracy reaching 75 ns RMS
• GPS NMEA output

• Low-cost reference clock
• Test and measurement equipment

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