Taitien Releases Ultra-High Precision Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DT-5151

Today’s communication systems require more precise network synchronization and holdover performance. With the transition to 5G and beyond, packet-based networks makes sync technology more challenging as they do not naturally deliver synchronization. Similarly, with the development of today’s smart power grid, network synchronization precision is playing an ever-increasing important role calling for ultra-high precision timing synchronization and holdover capability.

The network’s ability to maintain time or holdover is critical so selecting a well thought out strategy is the first step. Taitien’s brand new ultra-high precision DT-5151 Disciplined Crystal Oscillator is the ideal solution. By combining the best of class precision oscillators with a proprietary adaptive algorithm, Taitien’s DT-5151 series achieve the standard of atomic-based oscillator performance. This series is engineered to control its internal phase error to within 1 ns through disciplining to an external one pulse per second (1PPS) signal broadcast by GPS. It offers an excellent frequency output with an accuracy reaching <±10-12 and its holdover ability reaching <±1.5 us within 24 hours.

Key Features:
• 24 hours Holdover < ±1.5 us, ±10˚C temperature change
• 1 pps input and 1 pps output for 1 pps synchronization
• 1 ns in phase and <10-12 in frequency
• 1 second continuous phase measurement and report system with high resolution≦ 1ns
• Time of Day (ToD)
• RS232 digital interface
• 5 MHz / 10 MHz / HCMOS outputs
• Operating temperature from -20˚C to 70˚C
• Proprietary adaptive algorithm
• 51 x 51 x 23 mm

• Radar
• Broadcast
• IoT Master clock
• Smart power grid
• Clock reference
• High precise sever
• Telecommunication base stations
• Test and measurement equipment

Holdover Tested at 25ºC ±10ºC

Holdover Tested at 25ºC

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