Taitien Releases Ultra-low Power Consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101

Taitien, a leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has launched the ultra-low power consumption Disciplined Crystal Oscillator DTQ-101. DTQ-101 offers atomic clock level precision and stability while achieving miniature size and ultra-low power consumption. This series controls its internal phase error within 1 ns (RMS) by disciplining to the 1 PPS signal of the external GPS. In addition, it delivers excellent frequency output accuracy of < ± 10-12 and holdover capability reaching < ± 1.5 us within 24 hours.

DTQ-101’s typical ultra-low power consumption performance of 60 mW makes it particularly suitable for situations that require long-term use or with supply power difficulties such as underwater landform detection and oil and gas exploration. Furthermore, it is an ideal solution for portable battery-powered devices. The compact size of 39.1 x 34.0 x 14.0 mm enhances customers’ flexibility in design.

Key features:
• Ultra-low power consumption: 60 mW Typical
• Synchronization function of 1 pps input and 1 pps output
• Phase disciplined to 1 ns RMS and frequency reaching < 10-12
• Phase measurement and report system: measurable phase difference: 1 sec. with resolution reaching ≦ 1 ns
• ToD Time of Day(sec)
• 24 hours holdover < 1.5 µs
• 10 MHz, 16.384 MHz, HCMOS output
• RS232 interface

• Underwater landform detection and network system
• Telecom applications
• Low Earth Orbit Satellite
• Oil and gas exploration
• Smart grid
• Measuring equipment
• Portable battery-powered communication system

Holdover Test Data of DTQ-101, Tested at 25°C ± 2°C

Holdover, Hourly Drift Rate of DTQ-101

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