Taitien’s Low G-Sensitivity VCTCXO: The New Choice for High-Performance Applications and Aerospace Industries

In today’s high-tech environment, stability and precision are key. Especially in high-performance applications and aerospace sectors, these criteria are crucial. That’s exactly why Taitien’s TT-L series VCTCXO (Voltage-Controlled Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator) is gaining broad attention.

Exceptional Performance in Extreme Conditions
The TT-L excels in extreme temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C, making it particularly reliable for high-performance applications.

Leading Technical Specifications
With frequency stability as tight as ±0.28ppm, and an astonishing low G-sensitivity of 0.3 ppb/g, these features are vital for precise navigation systems, aerospace applications, and more. The superior phase noise performance ensures clarity and accuracy even during high-frequency operations.

Compact and Versatile
Its 7.0 x 5.0 mm dimensions and anti-acceleration jitter capability make the TT-L extremely adaptable across a range of different applications, including industrial equipment, autonomous agricultural vehicles, and communications among others.

Ongoing Innovation
Our commitment to research and development remains unwavering, as we strive to deliver increasingly inventive solutions. Our numerous secured patents stand as a testament to our prominent standing in this domain.

One-Stop Service
Choosing Taitien’s TT-L series is not just opting for a high-performance product, but also our comprehensive technical support and convenience one-stop service.

In summary, Taitien’s TT-L series has emerged as the new choice in high-performance applications and aerospace industries, offering unprecedented stability and precision. Opting for TT-L series equates to opting for reliability, steadfastness, and exceptional quality. We warmly welcome you to partake in these attributes and to encounter the unparalleled excellence delivered by Taitien.


  • High Precision (±0.28 ppm)
  • Low G-Sensitivity (<0.3 ppb/g)
  • Low Phase Jitter: <0.5 ps (at 12 kHz to 5 MHz Frequency Offsets)


  • GNSS, Positioning and Navigation
  • Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles
  • Guidance Avionics


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