5 Considerations for Backpotting Cable Connectors
| SW - 10 Oct 2019

Adding robustness to industrial hardware by backpotting is a cost-effective way to protect connections and…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Backpotting
| SW - 11 Sep 2019

Different epoxy resins and similar compounds all have their own requirements for use: how to…

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“FASTXO” Miniaturized 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm Package Any-Frequency SMD Quartz Oscillator
| SW - 20 Aug 2019

Smallest Size with High Performance – FASTXO Series High Frequency Any Frequencies from 1MHz to…

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| SW - 03 Jul 2019

由于油价下跌,最近三年以来石油勘探活动相对较少,但最近人们对此再次对产生了兴趣,全球各地都在进行着大量的钻探作业。因此,该行业的一些重要供应商现在开始进行重大投资。在越来越难以到达的地方寻找新的油田是一个非常巨大的挑战,因此,当涉及到这些任务中使用的设备时,将驱动一些具有创新性的设备开发。 Watt & Well总部位于巴黎郊区,十多年来一直服务于全球石油和天然气行业,以及众多的汽车和航天客户,并在此期间建立了良好的声誉。Watt & Well开发了创新的电源系统设计,并专门针对恶劣的运行环境进行了优化。该公司的一个重要市场是为石油钻井设备生产高密度电机控制模块,用于驱动钻具中的旋转伺服电机,从而能够使钻头能够确定方向,这样就可以找到准确位置,并进行油井钻探。它们也是石油工业运输设备的关键部件,可为传感器设备提供动力。

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Datamate T-Contact – Power on 2mm pitch connector
| SW - 04 Jun 2019

Pushing the boundaries on signal current carrying capabilities – 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Datamate Connector…

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Potential of ‘LPTA’ to Drive Further Innovation
| SW - 27 May 2019

In response to continued cuts in military spending, the U.S. government has chosen to follow…

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IEH’s New HVM Series Of Connectors
| SW - 22 May 2019

Micro-Hyperboloid Connectors Introducing IEH New HVM series of PCB Connectors!   A .050″ pitch series, featuring the…

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M225 Series – High performance Industrial Connector
| iConnexion - 18 Feb 2019

Elevated Performance 2mm Pitch Industrial Connectors Equipped to Take on Heavy Vibrations & Shocks

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Electronica China – March 20 to 22 2019
| iConnexion - 30 Jan 2019

Electronica China covers the entire market for electronic components, systems and applications

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Aero India Show – Feb 20 to 24 2019
| iConnexion - 22 Jan 2019

Date: 20-24 Feb 2019, Bengaluru Venue: Yelahanka Air Force Station Booth No: AB1.20

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Wire-To-Board Connectors (M40 Series)
| iConnexion - 30 Nov 2018

1mm pitch option available for cable-to-board (wire-to-board) applications

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Archer Kontrol – High performance PCB connector
| iConnexion - 30 Nov 2018

Compact durable board-to-board SMT 1.27mm pitch connectors, ideal for a wide scope of industrial and…

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