| SW - 03 Jul 2020

Innovation is at the heart of everything. PCTEL solve complex wireless challenges to help organizations…

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Gas Meter
| SW - 03 Jul 2020

Application: In-home metering. Background: Designed for the Netherlands’ market, units are installed in-home with strict…

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| SW - 23 Jun 2020


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Safety Remote Controls
| SW - 22 Jun 2020

Application: Remote control system for heavy industrial machinery – Diggers, Trucks, Ships etc. Background: Customer…

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Cockpit Lighting Control
| SW - 11 Jun 2020

Application: Lighting control unit for Jet fighter aircraft. Background: Unit dedicated to control interior lighting…

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Innovated Acoustic Technology, Patent Acoustic Components.
| SW - 01 Jun 2020

  OBO Pro.2 Inc. was founded in 1986. We devoted to acoustic product innovation and…

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Clinical Ultrasound
| SW - 20 May 2020

Application: Ultrasound equipment platforms for ObGyn, Cardiac and Respiratory care. Background: Ultrasound investigations are the…

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Ventilator Alarm Harness
| SW - 14 May 2020

  Application: Cable assembly used for function monitoring. Background: The customer creates mechanical ventilators suitable…

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VenU® 4G LTE/Cellular Omnidirectional Antenna | BMHO69027002NF
| SW - 12 May 2020

The VenU® BMHO69027002 is a high performance omnidirectional antenna designed for outdoor base station applications.…

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Contactless Body Temperature Measurement
| SW - 04 May 2020

Contactless Body Temperature Measurement Application: Fever measurement using a thermal imager. Background: High body temperature…

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Mechanical Ventilator System
| SW - 30 Apr 2020

Mechanical Ventilator System Application: Compact portable unit for airway ventilation and oxygen therapy. Background: Designed…

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Extended Wall Datamate
| iConnexion - 03 Apr 2020

What is an Extended Wall? An Extended Wall is a feature on a cable connector…

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Gecko-MT 1.25mm pitch Mixed Layout Connectors
| iConnexion - 12 Dec 2019

The new Gecko-MT range combines the 1.25mm pitch Gecko signal connector system with mixed technology…

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AP-CAP Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor
| SW - 29 Nov 2019

ACAS Series Low ESR Feature: Low ESR, Surface mounting, Reduced height, Wide temperatur Suitable for…

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5 Considerations for Backpotting Cable Connectors
| SW - 10 Oct 2019

Adding robustness to industrial hardware by backpotting is a cost-effective way to protect connections and…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Backpotting
| SW - 11 Sep 2019

Different epoxy resins and similar compounds all have their own requirements for use: how to…

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