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Taitien is a quartz frequency control component manufacturer that specializes in oscillators and resonators made from high-quality quartz crystals. Based in Taiwan, Taitien has manufacturing sites in the US and China and continuously works with us to provide optimal products for our clients in Singapore.

Innovation is at the heart of Taitien. By heavily investing in research and development, the company has patented several quartz-manufacturing technologies such as the Formosa ASIC technology. Today, Taitien stands as the leader in the quartz industry and works exceptionally hard to develop new technologies to bring more advancements to the electronic industry in many parts of the world, including Singapore.

Product List

Taitien has consistently maintained a lead in the global electronic market and lives up to its assurance and dedication to quality, making it one of the ideal oscillators and resonators manufacturer for businesses in Singapore. Please view the product list below for Taitien’s range of quartz crystal electronics parts. For more information on the components supplied by Taitien in Singapore, please contact us.

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